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Assisted Living

Home Care

Home care is a wide range of care services that can be given in your home to assist with daily living. Some elderly prefer to remain in their own homes to age in place if possible, and some elderly people like the privacy of receiving care from a professional in the comfort of their own home. Each person has their preferences and some elderly may not want to be around strangers or they may just enjoy having their own space. 

Depending on the level of care needed, the cost of home care varies widely. Often, home care personnel are paid per hour, with a price range depending on the type of care provided. Duties can include laundry, cooking, shower assistance, and help with dressing. Staying in one place while receiving care enables a senior to stay with family members who do not need the same level of care they do.

Home care allows someone to stay with their family in an environment they are comfortable with. Home care also lets seniors maintain independence and control over their routine. Home care, however, can have higher costs.


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